10 сентября 2010

Who is Giedrius Kuprevičius?

from www.kamane.lt

- is exceptionally versatile personality, composer, teacher, eassayist and polemicist.
Major part of his life and work is related to the second Lithuanian city Kaunas.
There are many interesting turns in the composer's creative curriculum:
from 1980 to 1987 he founded Argo electronic music group;
since 1957 he has played the Kaunas carillon,
and in 1998 was appointed Kaunas City head carillonist.
In 1975 he wrote one of the most popular musicals in Lithuania,
Fire Hunt and Beaters, which was staged
also in Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova,
and the song from the musical
Little Swallows became the real hit song in Lithuania.
The composer also writes music in
traditional classical genres: operas, symphonies 
chamber works, oratorios, vocal cycles, etc.
Giedrius Kuprevičius' music is moderately modern,
many of his works are notably dominated by
improvisational element and vivid ties to literature and visual arts.
The composer also writes for theatre and film



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